We help companies achieve strategic goals with their people.

Our innovative approach to feedback supercharges organizational alignment and promotes work cultures where leaders thrive and employees feel comfortable pushing each other to be their best.


Who we are

Rhabit was created by Kevin Kelly and Alexander Schwall – two nerds with complementary strengths and a shared heart for organizational psychology. After years spent consulting for Fortune 1000 to 50 companies on talent management, they broke out to build a platform that activates the tremendous potential of feedback.

J. Kevin Kelly
CEO & Co-founder

Kevin’s background is in Software Development and Implementation. He’s built, shipped, and supported software products in a variety of roles and industries. Kevin founded Rhabit with a vision for making elegant software that pushes the boundaries of traditional approaches in talent management.

Alexander Schwall, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer &

Alexander’s Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology serves as the backbone for the science and content behind Rhabit. He’s spent over 12 years consulting and building successful talent management processes and products for some of the largest companies in the world.

They based Rhabit in Pittsburgh in 2017 so it could take root in the fertile ground cultivated by the area’s top tier academic institutions and visionary tech companies.

We’ve been measuring behaviors ever since.

What we do

We help companies understand and influence the employee behaviors affecting organizational success like never before..

With Rhabit, they’re able to:

  • design and activate ‘behavioral blueprints’ that align employee habits to strategic objectives
  • measure behavior change over time
  • communicate the impact of behaviors on business outcomes
“Sales teams with managers who score highly in ‘Building Trust’ close 1.4x more sales.”
How we’re different

We’ve changed the feedback game by making it effective, simple, scalable, and psychologically safe.

We collect more data, more frequently, and with less friction than any other platform, and make the data useful to every user it touches.

Sara Loe
President & Principal Consultant

The solution is polished, user friendly, and fun. The team at Rhabit is passionate and their unique perspective on behaviors and culture distinguishes them from an otherwise very crowded employee feedback & performance market. Today Rhabit is easily in my top 5 best-in-breed systems to watch. 

This is the kind of tech and process disuption I live for. I geek out anytime anyone mentions Rhabit.

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