Best-in-class leaders, fueled by feedback.

Rhabit helps companies build better leaders.

Rhabit makes it easier for leaders to reflect behaviors that empower their teams and drive the business forward.

Rhabit provides leaders with clear guidance on how to succeed at their company.

It delivers a blueprint of the habits and behaviors expected of each leader, along with custom dashboards of how they’re performing over time. 

Rhabit uses ongoing feedback to measure leader behaviors.

Giving feedback with Rhabit is fast, easy, and anonymous.

Each week, Rhabit delivers a deck of employee feedback cards to coworkers of each leader.

They swipe in their responses according to how frequently the leader reflects each behavior. 

Rhabit illuminates the impact of leader capabilities.

Powerful data visualizations make it easy to see how behaviors affect business outcomes, and which behaviors need to be built next.

Consistent, continuous leadership performance data paves the way for objective bench strength measurements, succession planning, and development strategies.

Our clients are transforming their leaders one swipe at a time.

Employee feedback with Rhabit builds effective companies

TrueSense builds a culture of transparency and continuous feedback.

“The people at TrueSense have always wanted that feedback to know where they stand. This is the first step towards really enriching that development. It’s no longer a one-sided conversation – it’s a two-sided discussion.”

Amy Hanrahan
HR Business Partner
TrueSense Marketing
Employee feedback with Rhabit builds teams

Connors Group gives people the reins to their own development.

“Employees are coming to HR and asking questions like ‘What can I do to improve my score?’ and ‘What development opportunities are there?’ It’s been a great tool.“
John Schiavo
Sr. Director of People & Development
Connors Group
Employee feedback with Rhabit builds effective leaders

FMP gains greater visibility into leaders' development in the months between assessments.

“Paired with our strong performance management processes, we’re hoping that Rhabit will help us fill in any gaps. We see it helping bring to life our feedback culture and reinforce our values of authenticity, accountability, and adaptability on a day-to-day basis.”

Jessica Milloy
Chief Operating Officer
FMP Consulting

Rhabit's even more powerful with integrations.

Rhabit fits in seamlessly with most modern business applications like Workday® Human Capital Management and more.

Transform your leadership development program with Rhabit.

Transform your leadership development program with Rhabit.