Fun & Easy Continuous Feedback

For Today’s Workforce.

Fun & Easy Continuous Feedback

For Today’s Workforce.

Fun & Easy Continuous Feedback
For Today’s Workforce.

Rhabit is the fastest and most effective employee feedback software ever built.

A few swipes is all it takes for employees to provide helpful feedback to their teammates, managers, and selves. It takes one minute per week – and people love using it.

Our process is unparalleled in speed and simplicity, works on any device, and has the highest participation rate of any feedback tool on the market.

It transforms the 30+ data points/employee it receives every week into tools that help you solve every aspect of modern talent management.

Performance Management

Succession Planning

Continuous Employee Feedback

People Analytics

Employee Engagement

Leadership Assessment

And our partnership extends beyond the product.

Team of colleagues works with laptop and documents sitting at the desks in a modern office. Work

Today’s talent leaders are solving hard HR problems, and deserve more than just a superior platform.

So we pair our clients to Ph.D. organizational psychologists and experienced leaders who have consulted for Fortune 1000 to 50 companies. These consultants help our clients transform their Rhabit data into actionable, measurable next steps and successfully drive change for their organizations.

We understand the struggles HR leaders face, and what they need to effect true change.

Key elements of your performance management & talent development strategies rely on archaic or unwieldy systems that have not adapted to the modern challenges of your industry. Moreover, these pieces are just part of the larger HRIS suite puzzle, so you lack dedicated support in critical areas related to measuring feedback & engagement.

A lightweight, affordable solution for feedback management that can be customized for your organization’s values and tailored to integrate within your existing HR ecosystem. Professionals that can help you build the case by providing clarity on the ROI of the platform. And a product support team that knows you by name.

High performers are often moved into managerial roles without first being properly trained. Their transition from individual success to managerial incompetency creates friction between not only the A-players and their new team, but the A-player and the company.

Your A-players want to feel they have control over their career trajectories. Because of that, they crave frequent feedback, but don’t want its collection to be a burden on their teammates – or career advocates. Aside from more frequent checkins to help them gauge their growth & readiness, next-level support for these top performers should feature L&D resources directly related to the feedback they’re receiving.  

Today’s workforce job hops like none before it. In light of the competitive job market, how can you build a culture that remains authentic yet improves retention year over year?

Integrate frequent, employee-driven feedback into your cultural health dashboards. Doing this will allow you to quickly identify gaps in your organization’s culture, and who can be engaged to bring those areas to life.

I came to this company to effect change, but have instead become mired down in the day-to-day HR weeds. I barely have time to collect and organize all the data I have, let alone transform it into well-planned, actionable strategies that illustrate HR’s value and actually drive my organization. 

Less administrative work. More automation. 

Say goodbye to tactical data collection, and hello to activation which will allow you to:

  • make a difference for your workforce
  • articulate the impact of HR initiatives to senior leaders
  • establish HR as a key strategic department within your organization

Our clients are transforming their company cultures, one swipe at a time.

Rhabit has been phenomenal at coming up with new solutions to address some of the incredible expansion and growth we’ve experienced at TSM. They never leave me hanging.
Amy Hanrahan, MHRM, SHRM-CP
HR Business Partner, TrueSense Marketing
What I love about [Rhabit] is that it's really low-friction. It gives us the ability to collect feedback, and people actually love doing it.
john Schiavo
John Schiavo
Senior Director of People and Development, Connors Group
Having Rhabit’s Chief Scientist speak in front of our company was really compelling. All of the Organizational Psychologists on our team got really excited to learn about Rhabit’s origin story and the sound logic behind what they do.
Jessica Milloy
Chief Operating Officer, FMP Consulting

Rhabit is fast, fun, and easy to roll out.
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