Exceptional talent
is in the cards.
Exceptional talent
is in the cards.
Exceptional talent
is in the cards.

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Rhabit uses ongoing employee feedback to fuel
a robust suite of talent management tools.

A few swipes is all it takes for employees to provide helpful feedback to their teammates, managers, and selves. It takes one minute per week – and people love using it.

Our process is unparalleled in speed and simplicity, works on any device, and has the highest participation rate of any employee feedback tool on the market.

It can capture all kinds of employee feedback.

Habit cards reflect the specific behaviors that your company wants to reinforce and reward. They make your company’s strategy and values come alive for your employees, and enable you to drive behavioral change across your organization.

You can choose from our library of evidence-based Habit cards, or you can customize your cards to reinforce the specific company values you’ve already invested in.
behavior for innovation habit
employee engagement card
Engagement cards capture feedback about how your employees perceive their opportunities for growth, job loyalty, your company’s culture, and other engagement-related themes.
Objective cards enable quick check-ins on the goals set in place for employees and teams.
goals and okrs card
quick poll pulse survey card

Quick Poll cards provide HR leaders a way to easily measure employee sentiments on a given topic at a certain point in time.

Measure what you want, when you want.