Change employee behaviors to drive performance in the workplace.

For decades, performance management has been plagued with the collection of infrequent and imperfect data collection. Written feedback is riddled with preferential bias at worst, and victim to imperfect human memory at best – for even the most conscientious feedback provider.

It’s no surprise, then, that data-conscious talent leaders are turning away from performance reviews and toward continuous employee feedback. 

Boost performance with Rhabit.

Simplify the process.

Instead of a clunky performance review process, opt for a feedback driven performance management process that takes employees just one minute per week.

Connect the goals.

See individual contributions to shared company goals like never before. Rhabit enables HR to truly align strategy and execution, delivering on the true promise of their role in People Ops.

Take data-supported action.

Measure your organization’s baseline performance, then work with your Rhabit consultant to define how the behaviors of your individual contributors and team leaders need to change in order to achieve organizational goals.

Develop confident leaders.

Managers are data-enabled and can become more prescriptive in their coaching. Talent leaders can shift the conversation from focusing on the past to planning for the future.

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