Leadership Development

Great leaders shape great organizations. How are you inspiring your next generation of leaders? 


Understand the return you’re getting on the investments you make on leadership development. Are these trainings really working? Rhabit can reveal which training experiences are worth expanding and which you should leave at the curb.

Recipe for an Ineffective Leader


  • No formal training
  • No feedback
  • No developmental support
  • Low self awareness


Take an otherwise effective individual contributor and promote them to a leadership role.  All those great skills that made them promotable? Throw those away. They won’t be needing that where they’re going. Be sure to not provide a psychologically safe pathway for feedback from their new subordinates so that the Manager has no insight into how they’re being perceived, and no way to understand if they’re being effective. Combine until leader turns over, let cool while individual contributors quit.  Serve with a side of missed business results. Repeat.

Let’s Make a Better Leader!


  • Rhabit
  • Employees


Take a new leader and arm them with ongoing, focused feedback through Rhabit around the skills, habits, and behaviors that the best organizational psychologists have attributed to effective employees, teams, and organizations. Allow leader to self-regulate, develop strong self awareness, and foster a team that feels comfortable with feedback. Celebrate your high performing culture and its business results.

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