Empower to engage.

People who love where they work and what they do are the driving force behind successful companies. We can help you build a values-driven culture where fulfillment is a top priority in your employee experience.

Recent findings from Gallup show that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. This comes as no surprise — you can see the connection clearly in successful companies with thriving cultures. Their retention rates are higher, they have fewer absences, their people are more productive, and their bottom lines reflect it.

A powerful way to increase engagement is to enable your employees to give feedback on their experience – and more than once or twice a year. More frequent feedback enables them to influence their work environment in a meaningful way – to influence their relationships with their managers, peers, and with you.

Rhabit fosters engagement by giving everyone a psychologically safe way to give feedback to coworkers, and to signal to the organization whether they have what they need to succeed, in a comfortable and frictionless way.

Enable employee engagement with Rhabit.

Rhabit Is

Rooted in Organizational Psychology

Built from the ground up by I-O experts with years of experience consulting for Fortune 1000 to 50 companies.

Psychologically Safe

Feedback is standardized and anonymized, paving the way for honest communication between peers and teams.

Measuring What Matters

Rhabit collects engagement data frequently, accurately, and without taking people away from their work.

To Ensure Your Employees Feel

Heard, supported, and in control of their surroundings.

So You Can

Illustrate to the C-Suite how your new flex time package grew employee engagement over time.

Spot a negative trend of red flags before your high potentials decide to leave.

Understand how your organization responded to last month’s change to the benefits package.

Measure the engagement of the latest new hire class over time.

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