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Infrequent performance reviews aren't just painful. They're ineffective.

Companies are moving to continuous feedback because it’s rooted in the heart of how people learn.

There are formal learning methods associated with academia – going to school, reading books, doing homework – but in most aspects of our daily lives, people learn by ongoing trial and error.

We constantly receive feedback from the world around us. We repeat actions for which we receive positive feedback, and eliminate the rest. In fact, people are so efficient at this process of eliminating error that we no longer even think about it.

In the workplace, continuous feedback offers people the chance to continue learning and developing in a way that’s comfortable, familiar, effective – and can be measured over time.

Everyone wants continuous feedback.

75% of employees believe that feedback is valuable.

60% want feedback on a daily basis; that number climbs to 72% for employees under 30.

Less than 20% of Millennials feel they receive routine & meaningful feedback.

The fruits of a foundation of continuous employee feedback.

Individuals who know where they stand, what they need to do, and how to drive and measure their own progress over time.

Feedback isn’t solely reserved for the highest highs and lowest lows; employees are given insight into smaller tweaks they can consistently make to excel.

Managers who can be proactive in setting their people up for success.


Managers with new hire responsibilities can give new hires the frequent and consistent feedback they need, without having to schedule 1:1s around weeks-long onboarding schedules.


Talent leaders who are freed from HR minutia and well-positioned to focus on what is all too often pushed to the wayside.

HR can get back to strategic initiatives – aligning their people’s strengths to objectives and company values:

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Feedback in Most Organizations

Needs Improvement

High Friction Process

“I actually don’t know how I’m supposed to give written feedback here. Do I send an email? Do I wait for a performance review?” ​

Fear of Retaliation

“I don’t want this to blow back on me.”

Unconfident in how to say the right thing

“I know what I want to say, I just don’t know how to say it the right way.”

Reserved for Major Incidents

“I want to tell him I’m frustrated with his behavior but I don’t think it’s a big enough deal to go through the hassle.”

Feedback in a Rhabit Organization

Fostering a thriving culture of feedback

Zero Friction

“I get a ping every week on my phone and it takes me about a minute.  No reason not to do it.”

Psychological Safety

“I finally feel comfortable telling my boss there’s ways he could improve the way he interacts with me.”

No Writing Required

“I like that I don’t have to solve the puzzle of what to give feedback about, the system knows the things that matter”

The New Normal

“I check my dashboard every week. I actually look forward to feedback.”

Building a Transparent Culture of Continuous Feedback

Too many people go to work and feel disengaged and uninspired. Perhaps they’re frustrated with their performance but don’t know how to improve. Or they’re working for a manager that isn’t effective, but they don’t feed safe to tell them. Or perhaps the week gets too busy to tell your teammate what a great job they’re doing. We believe that feedback is a gift. It’s a way to inspire and engage employees. When you create a culture of continuous feedback by empowering people to give and receive feedback in a psychologically safe environment, people thrive. Thriving people built incredible, high-performing cultures. At Rhabit, we’re all about making work better, and feedback is at the core of everything we do.

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“Rhabit helps us provide feedback for our employees in real time. It’s super low-friction, easy-to-use, and our employees love it. It’s been a transformation for us.” — John Schiavo, Senior Director of People and Development, Connors Group