Core Value

Transform values into behaviors that can be measured over time.

At Rhabit, we’re firm believers in the science of translating ideas into behaviors.

Our consulting team is comprised of Ph.D organizational psychologists and experienced leaders who help you turn the values of your organization in to a behavioral model to which you can hold people accountable.

We’ll show you how to take your core values and infuse them into your talent management processes, creating a culture where people live your core values, accountability is transparent, and alignment is acknowledged and rewarded.

Become a values-led organization.

People connect what your company’s values are to the values on which they receive feedback.

By breaking your core values up into behaviors, and asking your employees to give each other continuous feedback on those individual behaviors, you naturally reinforce their knowledge of the behaviors and values your company rewards, supports, and expects.

Once that is in place, so many of your talent management processes can be elevated.

Here’s what it looks like with Rhabit:

Rhabit’s I/O consultants work with you to understand your core values – or even help you design them. Afterward, we help you break up the core values into measurable behaviors that are then reflected on your organization’s Rhabit cards.

You can choose Values and Behaviors from our existing library to get off the ground, or you can customize them based on the core values you’ve invested in already. The ability to fully customize these feedback cards is particularly attractive for modern organizations that have already made significant investments into the creation of custom Core Values, and want to get their money’s worth.

Your organization’s feedback deck can measure Behaviors only, Engagement only, or both.

You can also add cards to measure Objectives and easy Quick Polls to understand employee reactions to recent events.

Each week, your employees are sent a link that sends them directly to their deck of cards. They only provide feedback for the people with whom they work closely, and there are no written fields, so it only takes a few seconds to swipe through their cards each week. 

While swiping, the cards remind them of the precise behaviors that your company cares about.

The feedback is all anonymous, so they feel psychologically safe to be honest, and don’t have to wonder whether the feedback they’re giving is actually useful and developmental to the recipient. 

Further, they feel fairly rated, because they are being given feedback on the very same, word-for-word, behaviors as their peers. 

And each person has access to their own personalized dashboard, so they can see the Behaviors they are mastering, along with where they need to focus, to become more aligned to your values.

As the talent leader, you’re then able to make advanced succession planning decisions, next-level leadership assessments, faster high potential identification, and more, all based on objective, values-led comparisons of individuals who are not only top performers, but are also living your company’s values.

Tip: Check out our webinar to learn more about using continuous employee feedback to apply and reinforce your company’s core values!

We walk the walk at Rhabit, too.

We’ve done this for our own values at Rhabit.
Curious to what ours are?
Here you go:
Be Scientific
We test ideas.
We validate our assumptions.
We trust data, not opinions.
Who We Are
Be Kind.
We're warm and genuine.
We help any way we can.
When we give feedback, we're direct without being needlessly harsh.
Who We Are
Be Exceptional.
We hold ourselves to the highest standard.
We try as hard as we can, all the time, and we expect each other to do the same.
We never accept our current state as complete.
Who We Are
Be Open
We're open to new ideas and opinions other than our own.
We value diverse people, perspectives, and cultures.
We're transparent about what we're working on and how it's going.
Who We Are

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