Core Value

Transform values into behaviors.

At Rhabit, we’re firm believers in the science of translating ideas into behaviors.

Our consulting team is comprised of Ph.D organizational psychologists and experienced leaders who help you turn the values of your organization in to a behavioral model that you can hold people accountable to.  We’ll show you how to take your core values and infuse them into your talent management processes, creating a culture where people live your core values, accountability is transparent, and alignment is acknowledged and rewarded.

We walk the walk at Rhabit, too.

We’ve done this for our own values at Rhabit.
Curious to what ours are?
Here you go:
Be Scientific
We test ideas.
We validate our assumptions.
We trust data, not opinions.
Who We Are
Be Kind.
We're warm and genuine.
We help any way we can.
When we give feedback, we're direct without being needlessly harsh.
Who We Are
Be Exceptional.
We hold ourselves to the highest standard.
We try as hard as we can, all the time, and we expect each other to do the same.
We never accept our current state as complete.
Who We Are
Be Open
We're open to new ideas and opinions other than our own.
We value diverse people, perspectives, and cultures.
We're transparent about what we're working on and how it's going.
Who We Are

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