Tried and true change management partners.

This may be your first time researching an ongoing employee feedback platform. Or, perhaps your organization has tried continuous feedback before, but you feel your current processes haven’t tapped into its full potential.

Change is hard, and there’s a lot to get right to ensure your chosen solution is scalable, sustainable, and will meet not only the current needs of your organization, but its future needs, too.

We guide talent leaders through these considerations every day.

From understanding Rhabit’s full range of capabilities, to supporting you with materials to help you gain buy-in, train employees, and launch – you’ll never be left hanging.

You’ll have a partner during each stage, helping you anticipate what’s next and what each stakeholder may need, so that you can guide your organization through this new software change – and all future ones, too.


We’ll take time to understand your organization’s needs and what brought you to Rhabit. We’ll talk through your timeline, typical next steps, and who will be involved in the buying process. We’ll also touch base on any large changes that your organization may be experiencing, so that we can plan for a seamless introduction.


We’ll introduce you to one of our consultants, who will assess the details and make a formal recommendation of how to proceed. When you’re ready, our Sales and Consultant teammates will support you during conversations with the remaining decision-makers to finalize whether Rhabit is the right fit for your company.


Once contracts are signed, the fun begins. During the Planning phase, we’ll select and upload participants, and choose from the Habits, Engagement, Objectives, & Quick Poll feedback cards in our pre-built Library (or upload your organization’s). We’ll also schedule and run training sessions for your employees.


It’s Launch time! We’ll be in close contact with you during the first several days of the launch, and align on a cadence for ongoing communication.

Ongoing Support

Our seasoned consultants will be with you long after your employees have swiped their first cards. From understanding your Rhabit data, to reimagining your organizational strategy, we’ll be a call or email away

Rhabit helps you easily track your company's transition to a continuous feedback culture.

Following launch week, you’ll want to have a pulse of how well Rhabit is being integrated into your company’s everyday processes.

For instance:

What percentage of uploaded participants are active the first week?

How is the organization’s adoption rate changing over time?

How many pieces of feedback data are we collecting week-to-week?

What is the employee sentiment around Rhabit so far?

Each of these, and more, are answered within your
change management dashboard, which is similar in look and feel to your Rhabit performance management and employee engagement dashboards.

Use your change management dashboard to track your organization's readiness to absorb and adapt to change of all kinds.

Rhabit certainly isn’t the last change your organization will face, and you’ll need change over time data to know how to optimize your communication and rollout strategies for future change initiatives.

You can even go one step further, and pair your Rhabit data with your HCM data to understand higher level change-related trends like:

Do newer people adjust to change at a different rate than veterans?

Since the change began, which demographic areas have decreased or increased in positive perception of the work culture?

Have you experienced more or less regrettable losses since the change initiatives took off? How is that rate of regrettable loss changing over time?

Does salary correlate positively with change resistance? What does?

Rhabit’s change management dashboard is the laboratory in which you can easily understand how large change initiatives fundamentally impact your organization at-scale and over time.

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