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Hear How Top Manufacturers Are Using Employee Feedback To Inform Their Response To 2020's Challenges

The Acutronic Group has a long history of building and investing in technologies and teams that are crucial to the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries. In fact, it’s been a mainstay in its marketing segment for nearly 50 years.

But it’s not motion simulators and centrifuges that are inspiring Acutronic’s response to 2020’s challenges.

It’s their people.

Join us as Renee Shiraishi, Head of Human Resources at Acutronic, and her longtime friend and consultant David Rea of Catalyst Connection discuss how they’re using ongoing employee feedback with Rhabit to drive organizational success amid disruption for this manufacturing powerhouse.

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Your Hosts

Vince Consoli
Market President, Promark

Vince Consoli is a Market President for Promark, a professional training and coaching firm that has been consulting for talent leaders for over 50 years. He brings a wealth of experience and foresight into today’s uncertain times and will be sharing anecdotes and must-dos to ensure success in 2020.

Casey and Hilary came to Rhabit from corporate roles where employee feedback was captured via formal annual reviews and occasional pulse surveys. Now deep in the employee feedback space, they are passionate about contributing to the rising momentum of more frequent and effective feedback capture.

Register: Rhabit Partner Spotlight - How One Manufacturing Powerhouse Is Keeping Its People First In 2020
Wednesday, 11/18 @ 1pm ET/10am PT



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