Upgrade Your Playbook With Better Data

How old are the routes in your succession planning playbook?

Is it overly dependent on intuition?

Where does objective data fit in?

Modern talent pros leverage objective employee data to create succession plans that future-proof their organizations. Want to see how they do it?

Grab some nachos, sneak your favorite jersey under your blazer, and join Hilary and Casey for this 30-min episode on how to use data to modernize your succession plan.

You'll Receive:

  • a pre-game summary highlighting the evolution of succession planning techniques through today
  • play-by-plays of the fumbles, turnovers, and other mishaps that rob Ws from good talent pros
  • a post-game analysis of how you can integrate objective feedback data to better build your bench strength
  • as many American football metaphors as the attendees can tolerate
  • a handy summary recapping the basics of how continuous feedback compares to annual reviews and pulse surveys, because we’re Rhabit and we care about you knowing about continuous feedback/having access to data more than twice a year
  • a PDF of the presentation after the episode

Your Hosts

Casey and Hilary came to Rhabit from corporate roles where employee feedback was captured via formal annual reviews and occasional pulse surveys. Now deep in the employee feedback space, they are passionate about contributing to the rising momentum of more frequent and effective feedback capture.

Register for Succession Planning For Your Big Game | Thursday, 1/30 @ 10am PT/1pm ET

Recipe: Aunt Dawn's Chocolate Eclair

We love this recipe because it only takes  ~15 minutes to make, there are no leftover ingredients, no baking needed, and it’s a consistent crowdpleaser!
  • 1 box graham crackers
  • (2) 5.3oz boxes of instant vanilla pudding (and any ingredients needed to make it)
  • (1) 16oz tub of whipped topping
  • 1 can of chocolate frosting
  • (1) 13×9 baking dish
In a large bowl, make the vanilla pudding as directed on the box.
Mix the whipped topping into the vanilla pudding until evenly blended.
Add one layer of graham crackers to the bottom of your baking dish.
Add half of the pudding mixture to the baking dish.
Add another layer of graham crackers.
Add the remainder of the pudding mixture.
Add a final layer of graham crackers. At this point, the baking dish should be almost filled to the top.
Remove the lid and any protective seal from the can of frosting. Microwave the can of frosting for ~30 seconds. Stir. If the frosting is not yet easy to pour, microwave for a few more seconds until it pours easily out of the can.
Pour the entire can of frosting onto the top layer of graham crackers.
Allow the eclair to set for ~30 minutes, and enjoy! 



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