Your Backstage Pass To All Things Rhabit

We’ll walk you through our cutting-edge talent management platform, how it’s different from the others, and everything feedback can do – from succession planning, to organizational network analyses, high potential identification, measuring ROI of L&D… 

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us for this behind the scenes look of Rhabit, start to finish.

You'll Receive:

  • an introduction to how Rhabit helps modern organizations capture and leverage continuous feedback
  • an overview of our consulting services and how we go beyond implementation to help you pull the most out of your Rhabit data
  • a handy summary recapping the basics of how continuous feedback compares to annual reviews and pulse surveys
  • notes on the typical questions and topics our clients have for us
  • helpful tips on what to keep in mind when researching continuous feedback capture platforms
  • a PDF of the presentation after the episode

Your Hosts

Casey and Hilary came to Rhabit from corporate roles where employee feedback was captured via formal annual reviews and occasional pulse surveys. Now deep in the employee feedback space, they are passionate about contributing to the rising momentum of more frequent and effective feedback capture.

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Coming in early December:

Part 2: How To Transition To A Continuous Feedback Culture

  • how to gain buy-in from leadership on the benefits of continuous feedback
  • steps you can take to successfully implement your new approach
  • how to think like your employees – reducing friction in the feedback capture process to increase participate rate
  • intel from guest speakers: experienced business leaders on how to drive change effectively


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