Experience an innovative
approach to talent development.

Identify the specific leadership behaviors that drive your company forward. Then, design a strategy that develops habits that win.

Measure and develop leadership behaviors that drive business impact.

Your company’s success depends on your ability to measure and influence the behaviors of your leaders. 

Many talent leaders struggle to do just that. After careful planning and heavy investments into leadership development and related initiatives, most don’t have a clear, objective way to measure their impact. 

Are you developing the right behaviors?

Are your company’s leaders effectively applying what they’ve learned? 

Are you able to articulate the business impact of leader behaviors on employee performance?

Reserve your free 90-day Test Flight with Rhabit today!

Note: Rhabit’s Test Flight is reserved for organizations of 250+ employees. Flight participants must be located in the United States. 

Rhabit's free 90-day Test Flight delivers unmatched insight into the behaviors driving your organization - and how to shape them.

Measure existing leadership behaviors and their impact on employee experience

Design a behavioral blueprint that leaders can follow to improve team morale & performance 

Create a strategic roadmap for a talent development program that shapes & measures employee habits over time

communication habit
continuous employee feedback data over time

Develop leadership behaviors that activate teams and drive business results.

The Test Flight with Rhabit is valued at $7,500 and includes:

  • Access to Rhabit’s behavioral measurement platform for talent managers and 5-10 participants, complete with custom-built analytics dashboards
  • One 1-hr consultation session to determine Organizational Capabilities and draft a Behavioral Blueprint
  • Two 30-minute consultation sessions during the course of the flight
  • A post-flight analytics review

You’ll emerge from the Flight with everything you need to design a best-in-class talent development program that will push your entire organization forward.

Create a culture of feedback where leaders thrive and teams are comfortable pushing each other to be their best.

Reserve your free 90-day Test Flight with Rhabit today!