Succession Planning

Succession management is more than "who's up next" - it's the engine of future growth and execution for your team.

Rhabit’s approach brings meaningful, objective performance data to the forefront, giving you a rich profile of your organization’s performance over time.

Go beyond reporting and recording to truly understand the distribution of skill and ability in your organization.

Our career planning and succession analytics tools allow you to understand your organization’s readiness for expansion, growth, and change – and strategically direct resources accordingly.

Whether you’re using our built-in dashboard and visualizations, or exporting the data for your own analysis and reporting – Rhabit conforms to your talent organization’s needs. 

You can’t achieve your company’s potential running off gut feeling and politics.  Rhabit’s data gives you the multi-sourced longitudinal measures of behavior and performance your talent management processes need to fuel effective succession planning. 

Your next Succession Planning session could look like this:

Know your baselines.

Pull up your admin dashboard to gain the bird’s eye view of your organization.

What is the aggregate score of your company for a given behavior?

What is the aggregate score of the related department for a given behavior?

Having these handy will help you understand how certain individuals compare against the larger data set.

Create your cohort.

Who are you considering for the given role? Add them to the sandbox so that you can easily compare and contrast their performance.

Dive deep. Take a close look into your standouts to uncover nuances of their progress and understand their Habits over time. Did their communication scores improve after they attended that L&D workshop? Did they score high on ‘Helping to Embrace Change’ when last year’s M&A took hold? With Rhabit’s continuous employee feedback data, those answers are living right in your dashboard.
Inform your 9-box conversations with data. Does the apples-to-apples data of 2 individuals support your current 9-box lineup? What should change? Is there a standout that is strong in both hard-numbers performance AND behavioral alignment to core values?

Adjust for intangibles.

While the goal is to move away from gut feelings and politics, they’re always going to be involved in these conversations to some degree. Temper emotions with data to polish your decisions. 

You might ask whether the data aligns closely to the gut feelings of the caucus – or whether they diverge entirely, and why that might be.

Have some tough decisions to make? Curious about what else you can learn from your Rhabit data? Your Rhabit consultant will always be just a call or email away.

Tip: Check out our webinar recording to learn more about using continuous employee feedback to upgrade your Succession Planning processes.

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