Listen and respond with a free COVID-19 pulse survey and/or engagement suite.

Rhabit's pulse survey and employee engagement offering gives you insight into
how your employees are faring during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tailored for your organization

Organizations across the world have been responding to the coronavirus epidemic in various ways. Talent leaders are looking for ways to use pulse surveys to understand employee sentiment to their company’s response and plans for the future.

In response, Rhabit has built a COVID-19 response pulse survey offering that is easy to set up and fast to roll out.

The survey questions are tailored to reflect common changes brought on by the pandemic. You can also include customized engagement questions to reflect the specifics of your company.

Want to capture ongoing engagement over time? Just let us know you’re interested in the engagement suite.

From 'Yes' to Active In 48 Hours

Setup is fast and rollout is easy. There’s no software to install and no login credentials to create. 

Most clients are live and ready to collect responses with 1-2 business days.

All response data will then be funneled into a modern, easy-to-use dashboard. 

pulse survey data dashboard

And it's free.

Times are tough. We want you to have access to a high-value survey offering that you can roll out quickly without worrying about adding to operating cost.

Using Okta, Teams, or Slack? Our integrations make giving feedback and tracking performance even easier!

continuous employee feedback easy with integrations
integrations make continuous employee feedback easy
continuous employee feedback easy with integration

All we need to get started:

  • your logo file if you’d like it to be branded
  • your choice of questions (canned or custom)
  • list of employee email addresses
  • date you want to launch

You’ll receive:

  • white-glove support from Rhabit’s client team
  • direct access to co-founders & I-O Psych Ph.D.
  • beautiful, modern data dashboards
  • opportunity to expand into the engagement suite (also free for 90 days)
  • ability to export data

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