Build and drive a high performance work culture from the ground up with Rhabit.

Rhabit delivers high impact performance management tools that gives leadership the birds’ eye view into organization-wide performance, managers the breakdown by team member, and individuals the clear direction and feedback they need to excel.

Rhabit’s fast & frequent feedback data fuels performance dashboards for each employee. They can see their strengths and opportunities for their assigned habits, as well as their development of each over time.

communication habit
continuous employee feedback data over time

Measure the right behaviors for the right people.

With Rhabit, you can assign Habits and measure performance based on career level.
Many of our clients choose to assign leadership behaviors such Coaching, Building Trust, or Creating A Performance Environment, to their managers, directors, and above, so they can understand their performance and opportunities to grow as leaders.

performance management dashboard for managers
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Rhabit leverages both ongoing and written feedback to cultivate self-guided improvement.

As performance dashboards are refreshed with new data each week, every individual can review their strengths, opportunities, and progress over time. When a Habit score needs to be improved, an employee can take a number of actions. 

Rhabit’s microcourses and TipWidgets provide specific, evidence-based suggestions on how to improve each unique Behavior. This in turn helps them raise their scores for the overall Habit. 

performance management dashboard with tipwidgets
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performance management and written feedback
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Employees can also click ‘Get More Feedback’ to request written feedback from their feedback providers for each Habit. Here, members of Kate’s feedback network have sent her specific and actionable suggestions on how to improve her scores for Building Trust.

Ongoing and written feedback are also both incorporated into Objectives, so that an employee can gain insight into their performance for special projects or milestones. 

written feedback on objectives in performance management
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Equipped with context and performance data over time, managers become coaches who can tailor their suggestions to be relevant for each direct report.

A performance rating can mean many things. Take a 50%, for example. For the direct report that clawed their way up from a 25% to a 50%, that’s a monumental achievement. For the rockstar who rapidly shot up to 80%  but declined just as quickly back down to 50%, there’s something going on. And for the consistent high performing veteran who suddenly finds herself at 50%, the story is, again, entirely different.

In that scenario, each direct report needs to hear something different from their manager.

With Rhabit, the manager can adapt their recommendations according to what each direct report needs most.

Rhabit’s manager dashboards and team toolkits make performance conversations like 1:1s or annual reviews more powerful than ever.

See both right here in this quick video (less than 2 min).

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Rhabit does Goals & OKRs, too.

With the Objectives and Key Results feature, employees can build standalone Objectives, or even choose to attach an Objective to a parent Objective – for instance, a team-wide Objective.

This opens up possibilities for organization-wide tracking of Goals & OKRs, as well as the performance of teams working on special projects – even the ability to track progress and performance for specific project milestones.

employee engagement with objectives
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employee engagement with sub objectives
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This means that with Rhabit, you can provide each and every employee with a clear line of sight between their daily efforts and the overall strategy of the organization.

In doing so, employees are empowered to feel and become more engaged and connected to the company’s vision.

All the while, you have a view of all Objectives – and their cascading Objectives – company-wide.

Rhabit transforms your values and strategic objectives from a few words on the breakroom wall to living, meaningful guiderails that facilitate organization-wide movement toward a common goal.

Rhabit's admin dashboards give talent leaders unrivaled access to their organization's performance over time.

As the weeks pass, Rhabit funnels all of your employees’ ongoing feedback data into modern, beautiful dashboards – giving you objective and consistent engagement and performance data trended over time.

When paired to your knowledge of the external factors that have impacted your organization over the same timeframe, you can begin to tell the full story of your organization.

Review performance data by Team, diving in to each one to understand strengths and opportunities.

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performance management deep dive
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Uncover deeper insights with advanced segmentation & export functionality.

Do you see this table and think of succession planning? We do too. See what Succession Planning with Rhabit looks like here.

Go beyond the org chart with Rhabit’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) tool!

This tool reveals the formal and informal working partnerships that keep your organization moving.

Use it to identify hidden gems, unsung heroes, overburdened connectors, emerging roles that need to be formalized and replicated … the insights and possibilities are endless.

Share the results in a way that is accessible and actionable.

With this kind of longitudinal data, you can elevate action plans and strategic people conversations with executive leadership.

Balance the politics and emotions of succession planning with objective data.

Know exactly where to invest your next L&D dollar.

Partner with Rhabit on predictive analytics & advanced use cases for your people data.

Explore how Rhabit helps talent leaders solve hard talent management problems.

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