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How much of your people analytics data is locked away in spreadsheets or software, accessible by just a handful of people within your organization? If you’re like most of the talent leaders we speak with, that number is pretty high. Too high. And it’s holding everyone back.

Rhabit turns that number on its head, serving relevant data to the right people at the right time. Here, we talk through how Rhabit unlocks the full potential of your people analytics data and enables you to drive advanced organizational strategy.

Rhabit's unique approach to continuous employee feedback makes people analytics more accessible for everyone.

Those pioneering their organization’s transition to strategic talent management are often charged with modernizing their data collection and utilization with little to no in-house support. 

They face legacy processes that have largely rendered existing people data inaccessible to most and underutilized by all. These challenges make it critical to find a lightweight yet effective product that doesn’t require a heavy lift from IT to launch or unsustainable upkeep from their own teams. 

For these talent leaders, Rhabit’s low barrier to entry, ease of use, high participation rates, and intuitive analytics dashboards are standout differentiators among the competition and provide a clear path to a more data-driven talent management program.

In this video, John Schiavo talks through how Rhabit helped Connors Group let go of the outdated processes that were holding them back.

Conversely, established talent management teams with an HRIS and dedicated analysts find immediate value in Rhabit’s integrations opportunities, fully customizable data visualizations, export functionality, and ongoing analytics support.

Rhabit delivers the right data to the right people.

Individual, manager, and admin-level engagement and performance dashboards provide tailored insights for every milestone of the employee experience.

Talent leaders enjoy admin-level people analytics dashboards that display engagement scores by gender, job role, location, team, etc., so that you can answer questions like:

How have your D&I trainings influenced your office cultures across locations?

Is the London office adjusting well to working from home?

employee engagement overview dashboard
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Review performance data by Team, diving in to each one to understand strengths and opportunities.

Uncover deeper insights with advanced segmentation & export functionality.

Do you see this table and think of succession planning? We do too. See what Succession Planning with Rhabit looks like here.

performance management deep dive
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Go beyond the org chart with Rhabit’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) tool!

This people analytics tool reveals the formal and informal working partnerships that keep your organization moving.

Use it to identify hidden gems, unsung heroes, overburdened connectors, emerging roles that need to be formalized and replicated… the insights and possibilities are endless.

Managers receive high level dashboards of team-wide engagement and performance. 

These colorful, interactive data visualizations safeguard against blindspots and ensure no one gets left behind.

Managers leverage the objective, consistent feedback data in Rhabit’s dashboards in countless ways. 

For instance, this team rollup illuminates a clear opportunity to pair two teammates together for mentorship – Harriet can help Gustavo improve his Communication score, and Gustavo can help Harriet hone her Coaching skills. 

See our performance management page for more on how Rhabit helps transform managers into coaches.
Individuals have insight into their own performance data like never before.

Each week, their dashboards are refreshed with new, objective, and anonymous feedback data from coworkers, trended over time.

They always know their strengths and opportunities, and can watch their scores evolve as they fine tune their behaviors to align with company culture.
learning and developmemt after workshop
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leader habits changing over time
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Pair Rhabit to HRIS and revenue data for advanced talent strategy decisions.

Ready to explore deeper data analytics that transforms organizational strategy? Rhabit integrates with your HRIS platform to support advanced people analytics, and your Rhabit consultant is the perfect partner to help you effect behavioral change and drive business impact.

Balance the politics and emotions of succession planning with objective data.
Measure the business impact of your L&D curriculum and know exactly where to invest next.
Partner with Rhabit on predictive analytics & advanced use cases for your people data.

Explore how Rhabit helps talent leaders solve hard talent management problems.

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