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Continuous employee feedback with Rhabit maximizes every investment in Learning and Development.

Here, we’ll talk through how continuous employee feedback with Rhabit enhances learning and development programs by giving employees a baseline of how they’re doing before a workshop, providing them with a way to measure their application of new skills after the workshop, and delivering unparalleled insights to talent leaders so they can evaluate past courses and strategically invest in future L&D.

Imagine one of your managers, Kate, wants to improve her coaching skills.

Because her company uses Rhabit, Kate has received ongoing feedback from her coworkers on specific Coaching behaviors for weeks. Although she previously excelled in this area, she can see in her Rhabit dashboards that her score for Coaching has steadily declined over the past couple of months, and currently sits at a 53%.

Using Rhabit’s Extra Feedback feature, Kate requests written feedback from her feedback network, which will provide her with relevant, specific, and actionable input from her coworkers on how she can improve. She also sets up a 1:1 with her manager to touch base on her progress.

Then, she sees a note from HR about an upcoming learning and development workshop on Coaching, and signs up for it on the spot.

Kate enters the workshop knowing exactly what she needs to improve.

HR chose the workshop because its lessons address the specific behaviors the company wants to reinforce, reward, and measure.

Kate knows she’s on track for 1 of the 5 Coaching behaviors, but needs to improve in other skills like making herself available to her direct reports and supporting them with resources to learn a new skill.

She actively participates during the workshop, and afterward heads back to her desk, anxious to apply what she’s learned.

In the weeks following the workshop, she adjusts her approach and monitors her progress in Rhabit.

The changes don’t happen overnight. Still, Kate’s consistent effort is gradually noticed by the coworkers in her feedback network, and by October her overall Coaching score is 73% – up from 53% in May when she took the workshop.

Kate works with her manager to focus on the remaining two behaviors that need work, but overall both are proud of how she was able to apply her knowledge from the L&D workshop in an effective way.

learning and developmemt after workshop
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leader habits changing over time
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Pair Rhabit with your HRIS data for advanced talent strategy decisions.

Use Rhabit’s custom cohorts feature to send attendees tailored Quick Polls about the curriculum and easily track their performance after each workshop. 

learning and development quick poll
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learning and development cohort change over time
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You can also partner with your Rhabit consultant to gain a holistic view of your L&D investments. Pair the cost of the workshop to how participants’ scores change over time, and how those changes impact revenue. After a few rounds of workshops, you’ll have the data needed to make strategic recommendations on which learning and development courses would drive the most revenue for your company.

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