Unlock new doors with fast & continuous employee feedback.

Unlock new doors with continuous employee

Employee feedback that goes above and beyond engagement alone.

Psychologically Safe

Feedback is standardized and anonymized, promoting an environment in which users feel comfortable communicating honestly.

Unparalleled Data Collection

Rhabit collects data frequently, accurately, and without distracting people from their work.

Advanced Customization

Support your existing competency model, develop a new one, or allow Rhabit to custom build a robust model based on your needs.

Insightful Data Visualizations

Understand the behaviors driving your organization over time, and how well the company is operating at a personal and cultural level.

A Framework for Behavioral Change

Our cultural tools empower talent leaders to do the very difficult – change the current company culture – and build a feedback culture that drives engagement and performance management decisions.

C-Suite Takeaways

Easily highlight your organization’s strengths and opportunities, the ROI of HR initiatives, how organizational changes are affecting teams – and how each is changing over time.

Painless Implementation

No installations to manage.
No logins for employees to remember.
A simple Magic Link sent via email or text is all they need.

Fueling insights for every stakeholder.

Individual Contributors
Fast, frequent, psychologically safe feedback from peers and managers.
Team-wide performance reporting and the ability to create team goals that ladder up to department objectives.
Talent Leaders
Unparalleled analytics & reporting, tailored OKRs, next-level ONAs, ability to measure the revenue impact of last quarter's training workshop.
Data-driven alignment of people and strategy.

Solving every aspect of modern talent management.

Employee Engagement

Performance Management

Continuous Employee Feedback

Learning & Development

Succession Planning
People Analytics

Rhabit is fast, fun, and easy to roll out.
Ready to grow with frictionless feedback & expert support?