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Continuous employee feedback is critical to modern talent management, but tough to get right.

Companies are moving toward continuous employee feedback because it’s an evidence-based approach to measuring employee engagement and performance. Still, it can be really tough to implement an ongoing feedback program that employees adopt quickly and use consistently, and that directly benefits your other talent management processes.

Many times, we see teams using weekly or monthly 1:1s, which are beneficial in many ways. However, they are often time-consuming, and frequently the first meetings to get postponed when weeks get busy.

The conversations are also so subjective and varied across teams that it’s difficult for anyone to have a clear picture of where they stand today – or how they’ve progressed over time.

Finally, most continuous employee feedback is not captured in such a way that its data can be used to inform your entire talent management program – from onboarding to succession planning, leadership & development to high potential identification, goals & OKRs to behavioral alignment to culture & values.

Rhabit does continuous employee feedback differently.

Rhabit is the most user-friendly employee feedback software on the market today.

It’s fast to set up, easy to roll out, and requires little to no employee training.

There’s no software to install, no login credentials to manage, and no writing required.

The process of giving feedback takes ~60 seconds per week and can be done on any device. 

Once per week, employees swipe in their feedback for their coworkers, company, and progress on their goals/objectives. Each card reflects an observable behavior, and feedback providers simply swipe ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘somewhat’, or ‘I don’t know’ on whether they’ve recently observed each behavior.

Their feedback is completely anonymous – no one can see which way they swiped for any card. This anonymity ensures they feel psychologically safe to be honest.


The entire process typically takes around a minute each week. We often hear stories of users swiping in their feedback while on their morning commute on trains/subways, in line for coffee, or even on the elevator.

The feedback data is then funneled into beautiful, modern performance dashboards for each feedback recipient.

This is one of the key ways that Rhabit is different. Every Rhabit user receives in-depth, objective, and actionable information on the specific behaviors for which they excel, along with quick tips to improve the rest – and they don’t have to schedule a meeting to access it.

They can even track their progress over time for each Habit.

(Looks like Kate is applying what she learned in that February L&D workshop on Communication!)

continuous employee feedback data over time
Most Rhabit clients achieve a sustained participation rate of 80%+ because Rhabit’s continuous employee feedback process is fast, easy, and delivers actionable insights to every single user.

Using Okta, Teams, or Slack? Our integrations make giving feedback and tracking performance even easier!

continuous employee feedback easy with integrations
integrations make continuous employee feedback easy
continuous employee feedback easy with integration

Rhabit also delivers never-before-seen insights to managers.

Watch how Rhabit’s continuous employee feedback data and support tools turn managers into leaders.

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