Good leaders understand their behaviors influence the performance of their teams, however, getting honest and actionable feedback is often difficult.

The Rhabit consulting team has researched our data and compiled the top 5 Habits of Caring Leaders, and we would like to offer you and your team the opportunity to try it free for 90 days.

With Rhabit, leaders receive regular objective feedback that is psychologically safe for both the feedback provider and the recipient. Feedback with Rhabit is like getting an ongoing 360 with a time commitment of one minute per week!

What you receive:

  • Rhabit’s 5 Habits of Caring Leaders
    90 days of continuous feedback with unlimited feedback providers
  • 5 additional leader invitations
  • A Rhabit consultant for score coaching
  • The fastest, easiest launch of your career

Sign up today and get started!

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