Experience an innovative
approach to leadership development.

Build better leaders faster with Rhabit's 90-day leadership development pilot.

Measure & influence leader development between assessments.

Rhabit’s Leadership Development Pilot is valued at $7,500 and includes:
  • Access to Rhabit’s behavioral measurement platform for talent managers and 5-10 participants
  • Custom analytics dashboards for talent managers and participant leaders, refreshed weekly
  • Reporting & data export functionality
  • One 1-hr consultation session to define target behaviors
  • Two 30-minute consultation sessions throughout the course of the pilot
  • A post-pilot analytics review

Reserve your free 90-day Leadership Development Pilot with Rhabit today!

Note: Rhabit’s leadership development pilot is reserved for organizations of 250+ employees. Pilot participants must be located in the United States. 

Rhabit delivers unmatched insight into the behaviors driving your organization every single week.

Leaders receive personalized dashboards so they know what to focus on next and can track their own progress over time.

leader is building trust

"If a 360 is a picture in time, then Rhabit is a movie that shows me how my leadership has developed over time."

- Rhabit leader participant

Create a culture of feedback where leaders thrive and teams are comfortable pushing each other to be their best.

Reserve your free 90-day leadership development pilot with Rhabit today!