Fall 2019 Release

Today we’re rolling out a new release at Rhabit.  These release notes share some of the exciting things we’ve been working on, and  cover our entire platform.  

The focus of this sprint is overall user experience, and focuses on both functionality and personalization.

Keep in mind that your company may only use part of our entire features set, so don’t sweat it if you see something covered here that appears totally new. 

If you have any questions about the release or features here, you can always talk to us via email at support@rhabitapp.com or use the handy dandy chat box here or in the Rhabit platform itself.

Here are all the new things we’re excited to share with you!

Grab a pumpkin spice latte and take a moment to check out all the new things coming to the Rhabit platform this fall.

Meet your new BFF: the fabulous FAB.

You’ll notice a new floating action bar on the bottom right of all your screens in Rhabit.  The FAB’s here to make sure you get the most out of your experience with Rhabit.

Click the FAB to explore helpful items that add context to anything you’re seeing on your screen.  The FAB can take you through micro tutorials, route you to the the right Knowledge Base articles, and even get you in touch directly with our team via real time chat! How FABulous is that?

Meet the fabulous FAB.

The Dashboard has evolved!

Change is truly the only constant.  We’re continuously testing and evolving with new designs and features in our application.

The new design of the Dashboard brings action items to the forefront so you’re able to knock out any tasks related to your feedback experience. It also gives us a place to communicate critical items without burying them in a notification window.

The Dashboard also reflects how we’re getting smarter behind the scenes at Rhabit. For instance, you’ll see enhanced recommendations of feedback providers, and automatic checks that ensure your feedback network is relevant and up-to-date.

For some of you lucky folks already using our Objectives feature, there will be a new area summarizing your Objectives as well. You’ll see more formal announcements regarding Objectives soon!

We've improved User Profiles

You’ve asked and we’ve listened.  We’re introducing User Profiles.  In this release, you’ll be able to click on any user you see in the feed, as well as search for other users.

We’ll show you their profile page where you can see High-fives they’ve received, as well as a transparent view of who is in their feedback network.  Managers will see more information about people who are their direct reports, and Administrators of the system will have even greater detail and options – with the goal being to make getting things done in Rhabit faster and simpler than ever. 

Moving forward, we’ll continue to enrich user profiles and we’re thinking about ways users might find them useful or helpful as ways we can bring a little joy to folks by letting them make their profile feel like their own and we’d love to hear your ideas! 

See a user, click a user. Profiles give a quick route to action. We'll extend this feature further in the future.

We're making Carrot Streaks more forgiving

The most common support email we get from our users is “Where did my carrots go?”

As we look toward a future feature involving carrots, we’ve adjusted the way we handle the Carrot Streak. 

Previously, Carrots were rewarded for giving feedback, and lost entirely if you went 7 days without providing feedback.  After the release, you’ll still earn Carrots for giving feedback, but now if you miss a week, you won’t lose everything.  You’ll get dinged a few Carrots, and it will still sting a bit, but no more losing that 300 streak because you accidentally missed a feedback session on your vacation.

Kate's in her feelings about losing her streak. Don't worry Kate, we're taking the stress out of streaks!

We're making noticing change easier

Rhabit helps you change for the better.  It’s important to understand that feedback and the way we interact and engage at work is a fluid thing. 

What’s important is understanding general trends and how effective our efforts to improve professionally are.  To quickly understand, at a glance, whether things are going well or not. 

To help with this, we’ve added a visual indicator on the main dashboard that shows your general trend over 2 weeks for your Habit scores. From there, the detailed Habit screen will give you the specifics around the change that’s occurred.

You can now see a visual score change indicator right on the home dashboard.
Indicators on Habits will show how your scores have changed recently. Click the Habit to get specifics about what changed.

What else have we been working on and what's next?

The product team at Rhabit has been working tirelessly on lots of great features.  We’re polishing Objectives, and we’ll sunset the old Goals module soon. We’ve also released lots of small quality of life changes that have improved the user experience without doing formal release notes. Little things like the availability of real time chat support, the ability to book a free coaching session, better mobile responsiveness, better performance on reports and of course we’ve continued to evolve our technical architecture to handle users at increasingly large scales. 

Over the coming months, we’re excited to share even more of our innovative approaches to talent management with you. 

On deck:
– How companies handle Succession Planning

– Ways to help managers have great 1:1 meetings with their direct reports

– Product enhancements and integrations

Of course, we always love to hear what your thoughts and ideas are.  Please, please, please – we love feedback and we love to hear from our customers.  It’s how we get better, and we’re trying to build the best product experience we can for you.  Email us, call us, chat us, we’re always willing to connect and hear from you.  

– With Data Driven Love,

The Rhabit Team 

The team at Rhabit hard at work trying to make HR tools that people actually love.