Connors Group

Industrial engineering and business process consultancy empowers employees with feedback and data for professional growth, driving employee engagement and business results.


Connors Group’s mission is to help clients achieve real, measurable, and sustainable operational improvement by streamlining processes. So, it made perfect sense that they were eager to turn this sharp eye for efficiency onto their own HR systems. Looking to shed the cumbersome spreadsheet-based performance review tools of the past, they partnered with Rhabit to provide employees with constant feedback data and performance results.

A Highly Engaged, Data-Driven Culture

Connors has a technical workforce comprised primarily of engineers who love having data at their fingertips. With the ability to dig deep into the feedback data on their personal dashboards, Connor’s employees can easily understand their areas for growth and take the reins on their professional development without having to wait for a yearly performance review. The results have been transformational. Rhabit’s continuous feedback data and engagement tools help John Schiavo, Senior Director of People and Development, take Connors’ culture to the next level. “Rhabit has impacted the culture here really positively,” says Schiavo. “Employees are coming to HR and asking questions like ‘What can I do to improve my score?’ and ‘What development opportunities are there?’ It’s been a great tool.”

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse

The Engagement Dashboard has given critical insights to the HR team at Connors.  By sending out employee engagement questions regularly, Schiavo keeps a finger on the pulse of the organization with data to back up decision-making. “Multiple times a week we’re sending engagement cards to our staff, and it’s really helpful for us to take away some of that learning and implement changes sooner,” says Schiavo. “We come together for staff sessions quarterly, where we’ll break out into groups to dissect the data to understand how to move the dial for our people.”

This proactive approach to employee engagement helps Connors ensure their people are feeling fulfilled and engaged, supporting their critical work helping companies across the country improve and grow.


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