Culture thrives when
leaders are aligned.

Rhabit's free, 6-week Culture Vanguard Program
shows you how to bring them all together.

Are your leaders taking your culture where you want it to go?

Your company’s culture is shaped by the behaviors of its leaders, so they need to have a clear understanding of the behaviors expected of them – and how to cultivate those values within others.

Continuous feedback with Rhabit is the key to leader-led cultural alignment, and we’re giving talent development leaders full access with our Culture Vanguard Program.

The program is free and tailored to your interests. The feedback process is fast, fun, and effective. We’d love to have you on board.

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Vanguard Program.

See how continuous feedback drives cultural alignment from the top down with Rhabit's free Culture Vanguard Program.

The process is simple.

Translate the values you care about into observable, measurable behaviors

Receive objective, actionable feedback from coworkers on your alignment to those behaviors

Leverage a robust set of developmental tools to refine any of your blindspots 

View your progress over time via modern, personalized data dashboards

The impact is measurable.

communication habit
continuous employee feedback data over time

And our experienced consultants will guide you every step of the way.

You’ll come out of the program with a deep understanding of how to use continuous feedback to build a clear, cohesive culture driven by company leaders.

Create a culture of feedback where leaders thrive and teams are comfortable pushing each other to be their best.

Become a Culture Vanguard with Rhabit today.